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Your website should
transform visitors into
engaged clients.

It resembles having a top-performing sales rep
working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the modern world, your clients are continually barraged with various promoting messages, which makes all but impossible for customers to concentration and make the right choice. To stand apart from the noise, your brand should be clear and precise.

From Pre-Seed to Series A, I assist startups create meaningful relationships with their customers, by communicating their brand, mission, vision, and values to prospective customer, trough clear, comprehensible design and memorable customer experience.

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1. DevOps

Experienced in creating, configuring and maintaining Infrastructure using Terraform on AWS including Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), EC2, RDS, S3, Route53, DynamoDB, CloudWatch and IAM.



Well documented and Containerized REST APIs with custom error handling and resuable middlewares. Nodejs | Django


Tailor-made web interfaces customized to your and your users' need. Just like the one you're on right now. ;)


1. Mobile / Web ui

Have your app idea turned into a high-fidelity mock up and a presentable prototype.

2. Logo

Get your brand the logo it deserves

Let's Work Together.

Let's Work Together.

Let's Work Together.

Let's Work Together.

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